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Aqua Culture Swim School

Our aim is to help our communities' children grow into happy, healthy, responsible adults by instilling confidence and building positive learning attitudes for life, through the sport of swimming.
Our swim school has a strong focus on creating a safe and welcoming environment for child to learn about water safety and to develop their confidence in an aquatic environment. 
Swimming lessons and squad training are conducted in 10 weeks blocks through Term 1 & 4.
We also offer intensive weeks during September school holidays and during the Christmas school holidays. 
All new children enrolling into our swim school will need to complete a FREE swim assessment. This helps us to be sure your child is in the right lesson to suit their abilities. It’s important to us that every child feels safe and confident in their classes so that they have a pleasant learning experience.
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Learn to Swim

Our Infant swim program starts from the age of 6 months. The goal within this program is to work in conjunction with the parent to ensure that your child becomes a confident swimmer. They will develop water awareness and survival skills. Parent interaction helps to ensure children enjoy their class time each week. Our program also incorporates many songs and actions to help with developing co-ordination through performing these skills on a weekly basis.
From nervous beginners to mini squad, our Learn to Swim Program has been developed to incorporate a series of graded class levels that enable children to build and practice key skills and techniques. We ensure that children learn with others at a similar level and progress through set benchmarks. Our instructors are continually assessing swimmers to ensure they are in the appropriate level, and they are always on hand to answer your questions. The old saying "practise makes perfect" certainly applies to swimming and advancing through the levels.


Swimmers who have achieved a level of swimming such that they no longer require the intensive instruction provided in our Learn to Swim Program will progress to Squad level. The focus is on fitness, continued stroke refinement, endurance in all the four competitive strokes and the practise of racing techniques such as starts, turns and finishes. Our Coach fosters strong friendships between squad members in order for them to achieve the best in their swimming.


Our intensive swim programs are run in conjunction with our normal Learn-To-Swim lesson criteria and are a great way to introduce your child to lessons or to provide continuous focus on skill development in between regular term lessons. 

Spots are limited so please contact us to secure a place for your child.


11th - 15th JANUARY

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